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Cantillevered Depanner


 Gentle and efficient describes the way the Stewart Systems Depanner removes product from your pans. Our cantilevered vacuum chamber design allows continuous controlled removal of product, Stewart Systems conveyorized Oven Discharge, depanning, product system, pan return, hamburger buns, high speed, industrialwith continuous pan flow. The system uses a low noise air blast, which gently loosens product in the pan. Then, a quick, clean vacuum removal system automatically separates the product from the pan. Vertical adjustment of the vacuum chamber accommodates a variety of products safely, and efficiently. For added versatility, it can even be adjusted while the depanner is operating.


 The large radius vacuum chamber and specially selected soft silicone bellows gently lift your product from the pan and softly deposit it on a product conveyor for cooling.


 Smooth and consistent product handling is achieved through superior system design. No roller chain drives are used, and oversized hollow shaft gearmotors drive the vacuum and pan conveyors synchronously from one variable frequency source. This results in elimination of motor slippage and resulting non-synchronization due to torque fluctuation. Of course, this also reduces maintenance, and related costs.


 The depanner is easy to clean too. A quick release tail shaft provides simplified removal of the long-lasting, soft, and pliable vacuum belt. Sanitation requirements are minimal, as the depanner is fully enclosed by metal and scratch resistant clear Lexan, and is designed with a minimum amount of ledge areas that tend to accumulate debris. In addition, pans are level, with no break-overs while traveling through the depanner, so spillage and pan shingling is minimal. A cyclonic seed separator and full-length seed collection tray helps to collect and contain almost all of the material that does fall.


 For a dependable, yet gentle and efficient automated depanning process, count on the cantilevered depanner from Stewart Systems.


 Key Features:

Continuous, controlled depanning system for high-volume production throughput.

Safe quiet efficient system designed for low maintenance and long life.

Delidder module and remote cyclone are available

Noise levels less than 84 dBA

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