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High-Speed Industrial Baking Equipment

-Est- 1947



 Stewart Systems offers a complete line of equipment, from individual unit pieces, to complete, integrated systems.


 Stewart Systems equipment typically focuses on product that are baked in pocketed pans and on bakery lines with dough throughputs from 1,600 lbs (720 kg) to 18,000 lbs (8100 kg) per hour. Typical production rates can exceed 200 loaves per minute of bread products, and 1,200 Buns per Minute (6,000 DZ/hr)


Fermentation Rooms

Conveyorized Proofers

Conveyorized Ovens

Cantillevered Depanners/Delidders

Modular Conveyors

Product Coolers

Pan Coolers

Bulk Bun Packaging

Pan & Lid Stackiers/Unstackers

Pattern Formers / Pattern Formers / Basket Loaders

Distribution Equipment

Material Handling

Horizontal Switches


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