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Helimatic Coolers


 Stewart Systems Helimatic Spiral Conveyor is an endless conveyor system for cooling of bakery



 The Helimatic Cooler features a double spiral design, which minimizes space requirements. Products travel up an outer spiral, and return down an inner spiral. Both the infeed and discharge Stewart Systems Helimatic Cooler - Bun & Bread, spiral cooler, double-helix, high speed, industrial baking, endlesstake place on the bottom tier. This low entrance / low exit design allows the cooler to be easily incorporated into most layouts with minimal conveyor requirements and easy maintenance.


 The Helimatic Cooler is available in a wide variety of sizes and widths, from as small as 18" wide and four tiers high (~374' active feet), to as large as 30" wide and 25 tiers high (~2183' active feet). Multiple coolers can be combined to expand cooling capabilities, if necessary.


 The standard belting is a plated alloy steel wire rod (stainless steel is optional) and is available in both #7 ga. (0.177") and #5 ga. (0.207").


 An open construction permits easy cleaning of the conveyor, and the surrounding areas.


 A variable frequency drive permits easy, accurate regulation of drive motor speed to accommodate production requirements.


 Standard application belt speeds are in the range from 15 to 75 fpm.


Helimatic Cooler Standard Items:

• Interior maintenance platform and access ladder

• Plated alloy steel wire rod belt


Helimatic Cooler Optional Items:

• Stainless Steel wire rod belt

• Wire rod size upgrade (24” unit only)

• Modular plastic belt

• Belt washer

• CE type safety fencing


Helimatic Specifications:

• Allowable product load per linear foot: 18” unit = 12.6 lb., 24” unit with #7 wire = 7.4 lb., 24” unit

with #5 wire = 10.6 lb., 30” unit = 6.0 lb.

• The center 1/3 of the product must always be supported on a minimum of 2 belt rods.

• Minimum product diameter: 18” unit = 2 5/16”, 24” unit with “7 wire = 2 ½”, 24” unit with #5 wire = 3”, 30 “ unit = 3 3/16”

• Tier spacing (belt to belt) = 8”

• Maximum product clearance = 6”

• Operating belt speed constraints: 15 – 75 FPM (From other belt speeds consult with Stewart Systems engineering)


Environmental Constraints:

• Temperature range = +40°F to 180°F

• Avoid installation in areas with high airborne contaminate levels.


Product Loading and Unloading Elevations:

• Standard infeed elevation = 3’ – 10”

• Standard discharge elevation with straight conveyor = 2’ – 7”

• Standard discharge elevation with curve conveyor = 2’ – 8”

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