State-of-the-art 30,000 sq. ft. Test Bakery

Come to Texas to experience our state-of-the-art 30,000 sq.ft. Bakery Innovation Center (BIC).

Let our Engineers explain our latest equipment, brainstorm and resolve your challenges.

Let our Bakers develop the next generation product for you.

Our promise: we will improve your overall user experience, guaranteeing you the lowest cost of ownership.



The BIC is located in our factory in the Dallas, TX area.
808 Stewart Avenue
Plano, TX 75074, USA


We are a group of six companies that have been manufacturing industrial bakery equipment collectively for over 500 years.  Our equipment is used by wholesale bakeries to produce products for known brands such as McDonalds, Hostess, Starbucks, Dave’s Killer Bread, Thomas English Muffins, Pepperidge Farm, Mrs Baird’s, and Kellogs to just name a few.  While our integrated group is young we are growing rapidly as our parent company, Middleby Corp, continues to seek out strategic acquisition opportunities to expand our best-in-class equipment portfolio across the entire bakery production line.  At its core each company in the Middleby Bakery Group shares a common heritage of being highly innovative.  This is the key to the past and the future success of Middleby Corp and The Middleby Bakery Group.

Stage one of The Bakery Innovation Center officially opened on April 11 of this year.  In this initial stage we are demonstrating the first generation Emico dough make-up line which is equipped with interchangeable bun and bread divider heads for either standard extrusion or low stress product trials.  This demonstration model is capable of panning over 50,000 buns an hour and over 15,000 bread loaves an hour.  Once panned the product is placed into one of two Doyon rack proofers for 60 minutes to ferment.  From the proofer the product can be baked on either the AutoBake Serpentine direct-fired forced convection oven or on the Baker Thermal Solutions Hurricane tunnel oven.  Either oven is capable of baking over 500,000 buns or 150,000 loaves of bread each day.  A specialty of the Auto-Bake oven is producing cupcakes, which it can produce at a rate of 25,000 per hour.

Stage two of the BIC is already under design and will add a Stewart Systems conveyorized oven, depanner, pan cleaner, edge pan cooler, robotic pan stacker and unstacker, as well as a bulk bun packaging machine, a Burford high-speed cross splitter and seeder, and a complete set of pan and product conveyors to completely automate the line.

When completed the BIC will be spread over 30,000 sf of production space.

The BIC solves two very big challenges for our customers and potential customers.  First, it gives them a first person experience using our equipment to produce their specific products on a production scale.  This helps them to answer not only if they want our equipment but also which models are best suited for each product.  Secondly, the BIC offers them a production scale laboratory to run their latest innovative products, such as artisan, organic, gluten free, low fat, etc.

Furthermore, the BIC is a great place for collaboration between our onsite engineering staff and the bakery personnel.  As they interface with the equipment under our guidance we get instantaneous feedback for ways to improve the system operation or simplify the interface so it’s more intuitive and easy to use.

To summarize the primary customer benefits; test our equipment with their products, test their new products on a production scale, send their operators and maintenance personnel to train on the equipment under the guidance of our engineering staff.