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Multiflex Conveyors


Designed to carry products in straight level sections, inclining or declining sections, and around Stewart Systems Multiflex Conveyor, bread, bun, product conveyorcurves. The grid belt consists of a stainless steel wire grid connected to a Zink plated center roller chain.  Hi-friction top plastic belt is required where steep inclines or declines are required. This conveyor can be either floor or ceiling mounted, and can be complemented with casters for mobility.




• Side Frame: Aluminum

• Splice plate and bearing plate, guide mountings are zinc plated.

• Gear-Driven transfer rollers

• Leg support: H-leg, tubular design, powder coated carbon steel, bolted to the floor

• Belting Material: #7 gauge stainless steel wire rod

• Belt width: 20” and 24” wide belting (the conveyor width is 2” wider).

• Height of Conveyor: Variable per design

• Speed Range: 20-120 feet/min

• Product Weight: 10 lb/linear foot

• Keyless shaft mounted gearmotors

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