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Pattern Forming and Basket Loading


 We designed the Stewart Systems Pattern Former to be a versatile, configurable part of your packaging operation. It is designed to place bagged product in a pre-programmed array (via recipe control), then place that formed array into your trays or baskets, supplying trays or baskets filed with product and ready for your distribution channel.


 A wide range of baskets and trays can be filled with the Pattern Former. Any nesting basket or tray Stewart Systems Pattern Former, Product Loader - bread, buns, retail, wholesale, restaraunt, basket tray loadingfrom 30.38"L X 25.75" W X 6.00" H (maximum) to 24.5"L X 21.0" W X 2.75" H (minimum) or any size in between are filled with speed and ease.


 Adjustable infeed rails allow you to accept products of various sizes for pattern forming, and likewise, the adjustable outfeed rails allow for filling of a multitude of baskets and trays.


 Replacing less efficient, liability prone manual workstations, or less versatile equipment you may already have in place is easy because the compact footprint of the Stewart Systems Pattern Former requires a relatively small space on your production floor.


 Reliability and minimum maintenance requirements are possible because of our heavy-duty, construction. The pattern former is ready for continuous high volume duty on the day of commissioning.


 User-friendly operator interfaces allow your operators to perform all necessary tasks via touchscreen. Every operation, from daily operation to a detailed maintenance procedure is accomplished simply and easily through intuitive graphical user interfaces.


 Readily available and dependable component parts help your maintenance department keep the Pattern Former running at top capacity for maximum production time.

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