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"Race Track" Style Pan Coolers


 The Stewart Systems Pan Cooling Loop is a continuous, conveyorized open air cooler which utilizes a magnetic grid to securely hold the pans during the retention period, eliminating transfers, allows more airflow around the pan, and minimizing the possibility of pan jams prevalent in typical pan conveyors.  Flow through the Pan Cooler is continuous with no grouping, intermittent starts and stops, nor cycling motion.


 The Pan Cooler includes- meter belt feed conveyor, load on and off conveyors, and a fixed speed patented conveyor grid with magnets. It is mechanically similar to our proofer transportation system.


 The Pan Transport Surface is an endless conveyor system consisting of grids mounted on a  chain Stewart Systems Pan Cooler - overhead, race track, endless, continuous, high speedrunning in an enclosed track.  The design of the grids allows the capability for randomly loading of the pans for maximum production capacity.


 The Tracks are fabricated of heavy-duty stainless steel and are continuously welded at each joint to prevent leaks of lubricating oil.  The track sections are roll formed into a rectangular shape, and the curves are stretch formed and reinforced for stability and strength.


 The Chain Assembly consists of two vertical wheels, one horizontal wheel, two piece cast connectors, pins and connecting links. The grid is supported on the casting directly over the vertical wheels to provide stable support and to prevent bending of the connector plates.  The horizontal wheel has extended bosses to accept the driving lugs.


 The Grids are made of high strength stainless steel rods formed into a symmetrical shape to hold the pans and carry them through the cooler to provide an even cooling process.  The grids are provided with floating stainless steel clad magnet(s) to minimize lateral motion of the pans while maintaining a strong grip while in the curvebanks..


 The Drive is a caterpillar drive with a series of lug pushers that engages the chain in front of and behind the horizontal bearing bosses to assure positive engagement.  The Drive assemblies consist of a heavy-duty gearbox, AC motor, heavy-duty bearings, take up assembly for the lug chain, chain guards and drain pans.  Drive motor horsepower is monitored continuously to provide a means for shut down in the event of overload or malfunction.

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