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TriPak Sealer Option


  Introducing the Stewart System TriPak Sealer Module. The TriPak module greatly enhances packaging flexability by utilizing various sealing methods in combination including skip seals and centersealing from the main packer, to compartmentalize the simple pillow pack into sections that include as few as two buns. The small compartments allow unexposed products within the pillo to remain fresher, longer at the restaurants after the pillo is initially opened. In certain configurations, it also allows for perforations to create removable sections from the pillo i.e. “microwave packs”, without the need for additional coding aperatuses.TriPak Bulk Packer Seal Option Compartmentalized Packaging Multiple Seals Microwave Packs longer shelf life


  The unit is designed to integrate into our P-1000 Bulk Packer, but can also be used as a standalone unit with its own PLC and touchscreen.  Technically, it could fit at the end of any bulk packer irregardless of age or brand.


• Manually Adjustable Sealer Wheel Centers 7.75” (197mm) - 11.75” (299mm)

• Adjustable Conveyor Bed Height 32.9” (836mm) - 37.9” (963mm)

• Various Seal Configurations - Single or Double with Separator/Perforator options

• Independent Temperature Controls

• AB Compactlogix PLC - 7” Color AB Panelview +6

• Variable Speed Conveyor/Heater Wheels

• Fully Guarded

• Requires a 3 foot opening (914mm)

• Requires Electrical Interlock Signal from Packer






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