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Vertical Edge Pan Coolers


 The Stewart Systems Edge Pan Cooler (EPC) provides for efficient convective cooling of pans in

a minimum footprint.


 Hot pans returning to the panning system and proofer can cause various problems with dough development and control of the proofer environment.


 The Stewart Systems EPC rotates pans from the normal horizontal position to a vertical position,

Stewart Systems Vertical Pan Cooler - continuous indexing of bun pans up to 40 pans per minute, various cooling lengthswhich allows for more natural convective airflow across the pan surfaces and cools the pans in a

shorter time. Transporting the pans in the vertical position also allows for more cooling time in a

reduced space than transporting pans in the horizontal position in traditional conveyor loops.


 The length of the EPC can be designed in 5 foot increments from 15 to 40 feet to suit specific plant layouts and cooling time requirements. Pans are carried through the EPC by “C” shaped rod supports fitted with nylon sleeves to minimize metal to metal contact with the pans. At the discharge end of the EPC, pans are returned to a horizontal position, bottom side up (inverted position). The pans may then be conveyed to a second EPC for additional cooling and returned to the upright (functional) position. Alternatively, pans can be conveyed from the EPC to storage or recirculation in the inverted position. A Stewart Systems Pan Turn Over (PTO) would then be positioned at the discharge of the storage system or recirculation loop to return the pans to the upright (functional) position.


 The EPC and PTO units can be either floor supported, as shown above, or hung from the bakery

overhead structure as best suits each specific application.


 The EPC offers a quiet, compact and efficient means for cooling pans on high-speed bakery production lines. Cost of the EPC system will typically be less than the cost of conveyors loops carrying pans in the horizontal position when the required cooling time is equal to or greater than 4 minutes.


 Controls for the EPC will typically be incorporated into the pan conveyor system control panel. An

optional standalone control panel can be provided.


Standard Features:

• Nylon sleeves on pan carriers to minimize metal to metal contact with pans

• Conveyor fitted with 97R engineering chain with 1.5” diameter rollers

• Conveyor fitted with spring load take-up to maintain proper chain tension

• Shaft mounted gearmotor

• May be either floor supported or hung from ceiling structure

• Infeed conveyor section with pan stops for loading the EPC and discharge conveyor

section included. NOTE: A minimum of 5 feet of straight conveyor is required prior to the EPC infeed



Optional Features:

• Steel catch pans along entire length of unit

• Cleaning brush on discharge conveyor to clean inside surface pans

• Cleaning brush on discharge conveyor to clean bottom surface of pans

• Standalone control panel with MicroLogix controller and operator interface

• Forced air cooling system to enhance pan cooling

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